I gotta leave here

It could break your heart

Cause I've been sleeping in

Been making friends with the dark

I've got no story to tell if I'm not chasing one

Could be moving mountains

But I keep to my fear in the dark

I haven't seen it clear            

Since i last felt my heartbeat 



I gotta run like it never was enough

It's never been enough

Oh, home is where the heart is

But you tore it out

My veins ran dry I'm broken

Oh You left me bleeding out  

home is is where i find myself in you


I scaled the streets

I've been a crack in the wall

I let the dead air surround me

Felt my blood getting cold

So I won't slow down till the floor turns gold



If I don't wake up to find you

It's not like dreams just come true

No I won't wake up to find you

It's not like dreams just come true

I gotta run to find you

I know that dreams never just come through

I gotta run 


Rob My Love



I should’ve had the brains to pass you by

when you wound back your big fist and cracked me in the eye

but I know you only did it because you were left deep in the dirt

i saw your worth



so let me give you my heart 

don’t try to rob my love

Please don’t leave me caged up 

I’m not the dog thats barking nonstop

so let me give you my heart

like i gave her my heart

like she gave him her heart

Don’t try to rob my love



you drove me like a beat up Cadillac 

A couple miles down the road and then you flew out of the dash

it hurt to leave you feeling torn apart  

but you knew we’d never work like an broken lock like a key that’d never turn



not if you can’t 

If you can’t give anything 

not if you can’t

not if you can’t give anything


Chorus 2

I know better than to give you my heart

don’t try to rob my love         

passion won’t cage me up no passion won’t lock me up with these chains oh

so don’t try to rob my love oh no no

don’t try to rob my love

truth has set us apart

you’ll never have my love

no no no

Figure It Out


wake me up in the dead of night

when the world can offer peace of mind

been dreaming that id start living

dreaming I’m worth more than just existing

maybe theres truth to hell and heaven

maybe were dead now and when we die were living

I’ve got a heart full of trust and a head full of doubt



and I’m just trying to figure it out

figure it out

i got a heart full of trust and a head full of doubt

(I got a heart full of stones and a head full of clouds)

(I Got a heart full of floods and a head full of droughts)


lay me down in the light of day

lock the doors and shut the shades

I been thinking I might never be

nothing more than just a memory

I wonder bout the glow I hope I keep

if matches set an endless fire underneath                

this heart full of stones and this head full of clouds



We were just kids in the back of the car

Sipping on rum and smoking cigars

I'm numb I'm numb

Baby I've been dreaming that we never grew apart

Thinking we were outside still laying in the yard

I've known I've grown



Well we were just kids

Running with stars

We were just kids

Driving too fast in cars

Lighting fires in the dark

Take me back to the start

When you broke my heart



Never learned to keep my hands to myself

Worshipped your body should've covered my mouth

What's gold grows old

You were an 18 year old beauty queen a knife to my throat

Blonde hair brown eyes stab right into soul

I'm cold I'm cold



I never wanna say goodbye

I never wanna say goodbye

Ive said it too many times

yeah I’ve said it too many times

Watching all the blurs dart by

Thinking about you all night

We could have eternity

Find the way it burns in me

If you just look into my eyes


Ghost That Haunts Me



I've been staring deep in the ceiling and the longer I look

the farther I've gone

I'm wasting all my days on fighting for the reigns

that weren't mine I'm dragging along

I've been learning all my fears sink when I leave go of the ropes

I'm still young I don't know



Why are we fighting death with our last breath?     

Yet we ain't living life to its fullest?

I've traded the best years I've had

to become the ghost that haunts me



Everyday I wonder my eyes will always wander

the mind is a bomb

I'm blowing into bits cause I can't settle thinking that I could 

always be alone



Mysteries history Worry bout it